Private Label

Pasqualichio Brothers, Inc. utilizes cutting-edge technologies to create large volumes of customized finished products as we work side by side with our partners to develop new and exciting flavor profiles. Our products are distributed to national supermarket chains, and we understand how to position your business by creating programs to fit the needs of each individual customer.

We specialize in seasoning, marinating, packaging, and we are capable of adding value to all proteins. We also offer multiple proteins available in a wide variety of seasoning profiles to reflect the diverse tastes and cultures that highlight the different areas of the U.S. and beyond.

Packaging Types

  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging (M.A.P.): A pillow type packaging purposely formed into its dome shape to keep fresh meat uncompressed and away from the film, allowing the product to sustain its intended texture. The packaged is then pumped with a food grade gas to ensure freshness is maintained. The dome shape signifies that the product is sealed and fresh with a 14 day shelf life.
  • Cryovac Packaging: Product is put through a Multi-Vac Machine and sealed in cryovac vacuum packaging. For aesthetics, the package is then added to a black foam tray and over-wrapped. Our cryovac packaging provides a 28-day shelf life.
  • Heat Sealed: Product is placed in a heat seal bag and put through a double-chamber vacuum machine giving it a 28 day shelf life.
  • Individually Quick Frozen (I.Q.F.) available for food service.


Through our private-labeling and packaging services, we proudly develop products with our clients that best express their individuality in order to connect them with their customers and build a faithful consumer base.


We can do a No-Antibiotic, No Growth Hormone, Never-Never program. Organic Programs are available upon request.